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Do you make this HUGE mistake when preparing your baby's nursery?

Mamas ~ Are you making this mistake when getting ready for your baby?  It happens over and over again. It's so unhealthy for the baby.

Chemical Free
New Baby and Me

Good Morning America did a study on a typical baby nursery.  After testing the air quality for 10 days it was found to have over 300 toxic chemicals in that small room.  They tested the air outside that home's front door and found just 2 chemicals.  How can you prevent chemicals in your baby's room? 

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How To
Sleep Better Blueprint

In America today between 50 to 70 million people have sleeping disorders.  From infants to the elderly we all benefit from restful healthy sleep.  Considering we spend 1/3 of our life sleeping it is important we surround ourselves with a healthy sleeping environment. So what can we do today?

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Healthy Living

Are you striving to live a more healthy and abundant lifestyle?  If your anwser was yes, you are not alone.  Many health problems stem from unhealthy living.  From your food to your home, everything has an impact on your health.  Start today with small steps you can take and start your journey today!

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What Does Living  Healthy Living Mean To You?

It's a home that has few chemicals. You cook healthy food from scratch-organic vegetables, fruits, and herbs that you grow for pennies.
Cooking with your garden and herb harvest have enormous health benefits.
Learning how to preserve that food to use in the winter is priceless.

Chemicals Wreak Havoc

I’ve been living a “NonToxic” lifestyle for more than 35 years. It began in my 30's when I started having bizarre health problems that wouldn’t go away.  My doctor couldn’t explain it and after all the test came back negative he told my husband it was "All in my head."  

"Maybe it's psychosomatic", my nurse girlfriend suggested.

That set me on this path to figure it all out.  The verdict? 

Multiple Chemical Sensitivities. 

And the root cause of the MCS was Heavy Metal Poisoning by many mercury almalgams I received as a military child.

I learned to manage my MCS by keeping chemicals out of my home—I wanted a healthy home and a healthy lifestyle. 
It's my passion to share the knowledge that I've gained over the last 35 years so I've created a healthy living membership.
Simple, back to the basics,  easy, and saves money too!                        

Won't you join me? 


Homes that Heal

  • The EPA has stated that our homes are 90% more polluted than the most polluted city in America. Imagine your home more polluted than Los Angeles and we're breathing this 24-7.
  • Cleaning up toxins from your home is not hard to do if you know what to do and where to start.  
  • Ridding your home of toxins and starting on a path to a healthy lifestyle is vital for health. 
  • Start today; you won't regret it.

Dreaming of Good Clean Food for Your Family?

  • Grow your own food without chemicals. Grow what your family loves to eat.  Learn how to save seeds to use year after year. Grow a large garden or grow in a small space, I'll show you how.
  • To have health, you have to heal the gut!  I'll help show you how I did this.
  • Heal the gut first, and all kinds of healing will follow.  I'll also teach you how to shop for the best foods for the family.
  • What questions to ask the farmers at farmers markets.

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  •  FREE things you can do that will make a HUGE difference in your home's indoor air quality .
  • With one tip you will smell the difference in your home. Your home will smell clean and fresh!
  • You will be shocked how simple and easy they are to do.  Some tips cost you nothing to do.

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