Baby How To Checklist: Necessities To Be Healthy and Happy

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Getting Your Baby's Nursery Ready

Do you know the best non-toxic basics?

The most exciting news I ever got was finding out I was pregnant. It was a time when you could make simple choices.  Years later, I experienced joy beyond belief when I found out I was going to be a GranMa'Ma. But things had changed so much since I had my babies. Fear struck as I wondered what newborn essentials my grandbaby would need to be healthy and happy. I had many questions but found few answers.

If only I had a baby checklist

As the years passed, my family became more chemically sensitive. They developed allergies and other illnesses. Things needed to change in my home.  It also became apparent to me that newborn essentials need to improve too.

There are over 80,000 chemicals in use today. Over 8,000 of those chemicals are in the products we use day-to-day.  The chemical industry is self-regulating and doesn't have to test its products for safety or effect on human health.

A baby's respiratory system works much faster than an adult's. That means babies absorb these chemicals at a much more rapid rate than adults do.

Good Morning America Tests For Chemicals In The Baby's Room

Good Morning America decided to test for themselves the number of chemicals in a typical baby nursery.  They hired to do the testing.  Greenguard specializes in identifying chemical compounds in different products. Everything in the nursery was brand new. The air quality in the nursery was tested for ten days with the door and window shut.  The final test results showed over 300 chemicals off-gassing (expelled into the air) in that baby nursery. Over 100 chemicals were off-gassing from the crib mattress alone. Did you know this?  This polluted air is what these babies in a typical nursery breathes in 24/7.  Because newborns sleep 18 hours out of 24, what they are surrounded with is so important!  Their immune systems are still developing, and this toxic burden is something they don't need just starting in life, this is the reason why I created my baby course, Chemical Free New Baby & Me.  Greenguard also tested the air right outside the home's front door and found only two chemicals. This finding is what shocked the customers who came into my store—breathing these substances while sleeping is not healthy for anyone, no matter what age!  That is why I created my website.

This information is what has fueled my passion. Nobody tells you about all these chemicals you put into the room by buying everything new. Would you place your most precious baby in a vat of chemicals on purpose?  You want to keep your child safe.  I want to help you keep your child safe.

My Green Living Store

I owned a green living store for years. My favorite time at the store was spending time helping expectant parents so they could prepare the baby's room without chemicals. It just puts me in my happy place.

A healthy nursery is not hard or stressful to set up if you start early enough.  Starting with my baby course Chemical Free New Baby & Me, you can put together a healthy nursery, free of all the chemicals found in the typical baby nursery.  I mean, since you have to purchase the items anyway, why not buy the non-toxic things that are going to give your baby the best start in life?  Usually, you can save money going the non-toxic route too! If you start early enough in your pregnancy and take small steps, everything will be ready when your bundle of joy arrives.

Here is a picture of the baby area in my store  :)

Many expectant parents came into my store. Most were unaware of the toxic chemicals in nursery products.  I often spent hours educating them on the less toxic options.  It was then that I decided to raise awareness by going online with my healthy, organic, and green information.  I made a baby checklist. I prepared my course to share, drawing from my 35-plus years in this field. This course was designed not only with expectant parents in mind but coming soon will be my membership for anyone seeking to regain or improve their health.


The most important place for your newborn baby is the sleeping environment.  Remember they sleep up to 18 hours a day and this is why their sleeping environment is so important.

I always ask this question for expectant parents to ponder: "You have two baby nurseries.  The first one is a typical baby nursery where everything is new-new-new and has over 300 toxic chemicals.  The second is a non-toxic nursery with little if any chemicals in it.  Which nursery will give your baby the best start in life?"

We love our babies and grandbabies and want the best for them. They are our future. My Chemical-Free New Baby & Me  course will get you started on the right path.  It will lay a healthy foundation for their bright futures.




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