Foam Soap with Anti Viral Essential Oil

My Favorite Foam Soap Recipe

Using Anti-Viral Essential Oil 


Hand washing is going to be the wave of the future and rightfully so. 

I want to share my favorite all-time foam soap recipe.

I have been using this foam soap for many years now. I love how clean it makes your hands but also how non-drying it is.

The most significant benefit I see is using anti-viral essential oils in the soap. I love using my essential oils and have been using essential oils since the 1990s


Here is my easy peasy soap recipe:  πŸ‘‡πŸ»


1 Cup of filtered water

1 Ounce or/ 2 Tablespoons Castile Soap. I use unscented gentle, but you can use any scent you want. 

1/4 tsp. Essential oil


That is it! The essential oil I use is called Armor by Wholistic Botanicals. This oil blend has every anti-viral essential oils known. The list of the essential oil blend is ginger root, lemon, peppermint, rosemary, cinnamon bark, fennel seed, thyme, clove bud, and oregano.


Any combination of these oils is excellent as they are anti-viral—only 1/4 tsp total of any combo of oils. 

Some other oils you can use are Young Living, Thieves, or DoTerra, OnGuard.


I also mix the one ounce of castile soap with the 1/4 tsp essential oil together and mix it with a toothpick. Then pour into the container of purified water.

Here is a link to the foam soap container that I use. or any foam soap dispenser that you like will work!


I hope you will try this recipe and love it as much as I do. I have one at every sink in my home.  πŸ€—








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