Homemade Pasta That Is Easy To Do

green kitchen stories May 19, 2019

My family loves pasta.  Making it from the whole wheat berry makes a very healthy pasta.  So many vitamins in whole wheat and oh the fiber it has.  You can make healthy meals your children LOVE...  Organic Non-GMO whole wheat grain,  pastured eggs, and extra virgin olive oil.  You just can't get much healthier than that!

Here is how I do mine.  It is super cheap to make if you have a flour mill.   Investing in a grain mill can save you the big over the course of many meals.  I've had mine for years and it still works great. 

It cost pennies to make these kinds of pasta!

I put about a cup of flour at a time as to not overheat the mill.

It makes a wonderful flour that I can use for anything I want to make!

I have a hand-cranked pasta machine that I love.  There is something about making pasta by hand.  I use this one from Italy. 

You can make as much pasta as you want, make dinner tonight and save the rest for a later date.  It's better to have a pasta making day and make a bunch!

This pasta is yummy and it just soaks your sauce up like a sponge.

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