Sourdough Waffles and Hot Dog Buns

If you know how to cook with sourdough, you will never worry about the stores being out of bread again. 

You can make almost anything with sourdough. It takes a little while to get used to baking with sourdough but so worth it.  Some Moms say they are too busy, but I'm telling you can work this in.  It is very easy to quickly work your sourdough baking into a busy schedule. 

I made my hot dog buns and waffles out of organic Einkorn flour, which is an ancient grain that is over 5,000 years old. I buy my Einkorn in grain and mill my flour. I have done this for years and love baking with freshly milled flour. It tastes wonderful and has many health benefits, including improving your immune system.

Today I baked my hot dog buns, waffles, and took a dose of some elderberry tincture that we made to take during this COVID-19 virus. We take it every morning. 

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