How To Help Your Child Actually Sleep Better: Healthier

organic kids sleep tips Nov 12, 2018

Does Your Child Sleep Well?

Most children sleep well, but if you have a child who has a hard time falling asleep or doesn't wake up rested, here are a few tips that will help.

First, a couple of questions:

What kind of sleeping environment does your child have?

Are their sheets a blend of 50/50, meaning 50% cotton and 50% polyester, or perhaps 100% polyester?

How about their PJs? What type of blanket and pillow?  

Does your child wake up with a stuffy nose?

Do they wake up sweaty or cranky and not well-rested?

Create A Great Sleeping Environment For Your Child

Creating a sleeping environment with natural materials is paramount for a good night's sleep. Polyester and blends can't breathe. When your child sleeps the heat from the body, along with the moisture, we lose (we lose about a pint of moisture each night) gets trapped under the blankets. All this creates what I call a heated tent. This heat can't dissipate, so your child gets hotter and hotter, and this goes on every night.

Many children have dust mite allergies. Dust mites love and need a moist, dark environment to thrive. You can have 1,000s in the mattress or pillow. Feather pillows are a dust mite's favorite as they set up house between the quills. Feather pillows never really dry out, creating an environment dust mites love. These pillows are horrible for your child because of the allergies they cause.

My favorite pillow for children is wool pillows. If they love their feather pillow or have one, they love you can always encase the pillow with an organic cotton encasement. Most encasements on the market are a poly blend creating that heat tent I just mentioned. I love organic cotton encasements because they breathe and have received excellent reviews from our customers. 

Here are some tips that will make a massive difference in the way your child sleeps:

  • Encased their pillow in 100% organic cotton encasements.
  • If you think your child needs a new pillow, a wool pillow is terrific for children. They LOVE them, and dust mites can't live in wool, which is excellent for children with allergies. Pillows with different levels of wool for children according to their age.
  • If their mattress is older than 2 or 3 years, you know dust mites are in them. Purchase organic encasements for the mattresses also. 
  • Cotton PJs are the best. Goodwill is a great source. Also, consignments and hand me downs are good. The pricing is excellent, and all the pesticides have been washed out. Did you know cotton is the most sprayed crop in the world? Make sure it's not a blend but 100% cotton. Buying used is chemical-free and cost-effective. Can't beat that.
  • An organic wool mattress pad will wick moisture away from your child and keep them cool all night long. I have one on every mattress in my home. They protect the mattress from accidents but also are temperature regulating. It's a great product to add to the bed for cool sleeping. 
  • Wash bedding in HOT water once a week, except for the organic wool mattress pads, washing in hot water kills any dust mites and germs in the bedding. It's imperative to clean with detergents that have no chemicals in them. For non-toxic detergents that I use and love, you can check them out at
  • Have a cotton blanket or wool comforter. Organic wool comforters are lovely summer or winter. 
  • To help your child settle down before bed and fall asleep faster, try a warm bath with a few drops of Lavender essential oil.  I take a shot glass and fill it with milk, put 2 or 3 drops of lavender in the milk and then pour into the bath, doing it this way will disburse the lavender oil equally into the bathwater. I only use organically grown or wildcrafted essential oils that are tested for safety. Some oils have been known to contain pesticides, so be diligent in the essential oils you use.
  • Lastly, bedtime stories and cuddles!

If you can do any of these tips, you will see a difference in the quality of your child's sleep.

If you could only do a couple of things, I would recommend the pillow for sure, cotton sheets, blankets, and PJs.

I hope these tips are helpful and your child is healthy, happy and well-rested.

All the best,



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